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Quobis is a leading European company in the delivery of carrier-class unified communications solutions with a special focus on security, interconnection and identity management. You can learn more about our activities at our website,

About this guide

This guide provides information for end users to employ all the features of Quobis Collaborator. The information is written for every user without any specific knowledge of unified communication protocols. This guide is updated for Quobis Collaborator version 4, for previous versions of this guide, please contact your sales representative.

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About Quobis collaborator

Enterprise-grade multi-device unified communication suite fully-connected with existing customer PBXs and call center platforms. It provides a complete set of advance features like video conferencing, call recording and integration of messaging and presence with different vendor platforms.

Quobis collaborator is an enterprise unified communications application with advanced messaging capabilities, connectable with existing customer PBXs and call center platforms. Built for web and mobile with our telco background knowledge, Quobis collaborator allows the IT manager of enterprise to deploy a UC client without the hassle of hard software and hardware dependencies.

More than audio and video, it includes instant messaging, presence, meetings, external users access, user directory integration, authentication federation and more. As it is based on an open architecture and open standards, Quobis collaborator can be used stand alone or in combination with other VoIP and UC platforms.

Quobis collaborator has been developed by Quobis and it is distributed worldwide through a network of first-class partners and UC vendors.

Multi-device support

Quobis collaborator is a cross platform application. It is possible to be distributed as a web client, or as an application (Windows, Linux, Mac) or for smartphones (Android, iOS). Since Quobis collaborator is designed to work both for desktop and mobile scenarios, on this guide we will include screenshots for both displays. In addition some notes are only for mobile or desktop usage. Both, the mobile application and the web desktop version will share most of the controls, you will find them pretty similar improving the user experience.