QSS watchdog-invites service

Service name

  • Service name: AS.qss.watchdog-invites

  • Service hierarchy: as/qss/lib/services/watchdog-invites

Main feature covered

This service is in charge of removing inactive QSS invites, taking into the consideration the invite setup time. In other words, this is equivalent to the moment when a incoming call is cancelled in case that the callee does not answer.

Service Configuration

The configuration of this service is placed in the config.json in the watchdog section:

"watchdog": {
    "invites": {
        "period": 5000,
        "expiration": 30000

where the meaning of each field is:

  • period: defines the time in miliseconds when this service is executed. Defaults to 5 seconds.

  • expiration: any invite older than this value (in milliseconds) will be removed. Defaults to 30 seconds.