QSS Quick Conference service

Service name

  • Service name: SippoAS.qss.quickConference.QConference

  • Service hierarchy: sippoas/qss/lib/services/quickConference


This service is in charge of getting a conference room when a user wants to join one by using a conference URI. This service supplies as well a mechanism to validate if the conference URI used to get a conference room is valid. The conference URI needs to match with the configuration param uriRegex defined in the config.json file.

Service Configuration

The configuration of this service is placed in the config.json:

 "quickConference": {
                      "uriRegex": "^wac-conf\\d{20}$"

Log messages




Peer ${peer.id} wants to join ${conferenceUri}

Troubleshooting & caveats

If the service is not working as expected, a few steps to follow:

  • Verify that the message broker is up and running.

  • Verify that the service is connected to the message broker.

  • Verify that the URL of the sippo-server services API is correct.