Mobile push notifications

Mobile push notifications are messages that pop-up on the user mobile devices. Push notifications do not require a particular app to be open on a device for the message to be received by the end user, so a smartphone user can see notifications even when their phone is locked or when the app is not running. Each mobile platform has support for push notifications, being iOS and Android, Fire OS the ones supported by Quobis wac.


Please note that although there are lots of similarities, push notifications are not the same as text SMS messages.


Quobis wac supports mobile pushes both for Android and iOS devices. It’s required to add the push service to the wac.ini file as done with other services:

 3# Configuration for Firebase - Android devices
 4firebase_key= replace_with_your_key  #key to authenticate against Firebase
 6# Configuration for APN - iOS devices
 7apn_key = replace_with_your_key           ; path to a .p8 file with the APN key
 8apn_keyId = replace_with_your_key_ID      ; key ID for the APN service
 9apn_teamId = replace_with_your_team_ID    ; team ID
10apn_topic =  com.quobis.webco.voip        ; topic, for example com.quobis.webco.voip
11apn_production = true                     ; true when the application is compiled for production

Available logs

  • Authorization config has neither token nor X509 information. Unable to continue.

  • Unable to set up APNClient

  • Configuring proxy as per “http_proxy” environment variable

  • Unable to send push if no auth token is available.

  • Refusing to send push without a token

  • Message has no speficied type, setting it to …

  • Will try to send this push notification: payload

  • Failed to send push: result

  • Refusing to send push without a token

  • Error sending android push for token: token,