Compliance with standard 3GPP architecture

The Quobis AS with the 3GPP ‘WebRTC access to IMS’ architecture specified in TS 23.228 Annex U (Release 13) and TR 23.701.

The following figure represents the general architecture proposed by the 3GPP, with the different elements provided by Quobis: WIC, WWSF and WAF

WIC (WebRTC IMS Client)

Is an application using the WebRTC extensions specified in WebRTC 1.0 spec, as any of the WebRTC apps built using QuobisSDK

WWSF (WebRTC Web Server Function)

Is the initial point of contact in the Web that controls access to the IMS communication services for the user, that is one of the features of the Quobis wac

WAF (WebRTC Authorization Function)

It supports the WWSF and eP-CSCF during the authentication and identity validation process.

eP-CSCF (P-CSCF enhanced for WebRTC)

Provides the signaling interworking for WebRTC clients access to IMS, while acting as the P-CSCF towards the IMS core via the Mw reference point.

eIMS-AGW (IMS Access GateWay for WebRTC)

Provides the media plane interworking capabilities such as DTLS-SRTP to RTP conversion, transcoding, and NAT traversal support including ICE.