Voice and video calls

Quobis WAC allows developers to add real-time voice and video functionalites to Web, Android and iOS applications using WebRTC technology, with extended support to SIP networks and VoIP and PBX functionalities. Quobis WAC also supports screen sharing and flexible audio and video recording. It has been designed to be able to adapt to disparate use cases, from traditional one to one calls to multiparty calls, meetings, personal rooms and other complex scenarios.


Quobis WAC makes it simple to developers to create rich and high quality voice and video applications without the need of understanding the complexities of the underlying WebRTC technology. All these functionalities are available via the Quobis SDKs in different platforms, including:

  • any modern browser, by using the Javascript HTML5 SDK

  • mobile device, by using the native Android and iOS

  • embedded devices,by using the C++ SDKs

Quobis wac handles audio and video in a innovate way, using a combination of video forwarding and audio mixing. Developers using Quobis SDK does not need to deal with this complexity as the Quobis wac is in charge of managing this setup automatically, but its worth understanding the basic of how a call is setup and the way that voice and video streams are managed.


If you are already familiar with our product, you can skip this section and jump right into development section by checking the quick start guides and tutorials: