PBX features

Although the Quobis Communication Platfrom does not intend to replace a PBX service, it provides a number of basic PBX-like functionalities that developers can leverage when implementing their applications. The most relevant functionalities are:

Direct call transfer

Sometimes also referred as “blind” transfer, where a user can transfer a call to another user without actually initiating a call to the end destination.

Attended call transfer

Sometimes also referred as “consultative transfer”, an attended transfer is a transfer where before actually transferring to the destination, the call is put on hold and another call is initiated to confirm whether the end destination actually wants to take the call or not. These two calls are then merged together.

Call waiting notification

Alerts the user of an incoming call while participating in another call, and allows the user to switch back and forth.

Call holding

A user can put a call on-hold, recover it or even direct-transfer it to another party. It is also possible to have more than one call holded at the same time. This feature is available as of today in the Javascript SDK only.

N-way calling

A user can add another one or more users to a current call, which will result in a multiparty conference.

Ringing groups

These are groups of users that receive an incoming call at the same time, which will be connected to the first user that answers. This requires the setup of a user group.