Quobis manager release notes


Released 3rd July 2023

  • New features:

    • New “sessions” view that lists active user sessions and its details (ROAD-3457)

    • Show a spinner while loading data inside tables for a better UX (814286d)

    • SIP mappings view: validate input in edit form (7ad0d54)

    • SIP mappings view: add domain information when listing related users and groups (f755d35)

    • Domains view: allow creating and deleting domains

    • Domains view: improve users filtering (ROAD-4264)

    • Domains: added a number with the user’s count for each listed domain

    • Users view: added message ‘Never logged in’ on users view (ROAD-2074)

    • Users view: add a domain selector in user details form (f9dfa56)

    • Users view: add Keycloak ID and wac-core ID on the user detail view (2d199a8)

    • Users view: improve feedback when user is being edited (4e0cae9

  • Bug fixes:

    • Do not show SIP mappings section for non global admins (8557d22)

    • Mark active view in sidebar (9211e37)

    • Allow to edit existing SIP mappings (ROAD-4261)

    • Validate username, domain, phone and email to detect duplicated values before sending request (e1c9bee)


Released 30th January 2023

  • New features:

    • Users view: allow filtering users by role (9006dcd), closes #ROAD-2736

  • Bug fixes:

    • Do not send capabilities in kitter request when creating a new user (9299264), closes #ROAD-2526

    • Use kitter for every write operation for users (c969b62), closes #ROAD-2526

  • Changes:


Released 8th July 2022

  • New features:

    • New “domains” section: domains created in the system can be listed, including its parent domain and a pagination widget (ROAD-2171)

  • Bug fixes:

    • Asterisks (*) are now a valid character for usernames (ITX-631)

  • Changes:

    • Registry image and pod/container name has been changed from “manager-new” to “manager”.

  • Known issues:

    • Sip Mappings cannot be updated using Quobis manager, the REST API needs to be used instead (ROAD-2484)


Released 9th May 2022

  • New features:

    • Participants in an UserGroup can now be reordered (drag & drop list). This will affect the ringing order when someone dials into this user group (ROAD-2112)

  • Changes:

    • Phone number field in user creation and edition is now optional instead of mandatory (ROAD-2096). Please note that the Kitter configuration field phoneNumberRequired might be activated in the backend, in such a case no user will be created if no phone number is provided and no feedback message is shown.


Backward compatibility announcement

Please take into account the announcement stated here: Backward compatibility announcement for v5

Released 25th March 2022

  • New features:

    • This version has been rebuilt from scratch and has a complete new codebase. It covers all the features present in the previous versions.

    • User management: create, update and delete users. Capabilities can also be edited.

    • User groups: create, delete and assign users to user groups.

    • Conference log: browse call detail records and download them in CSV format. A detailed view in JSON format is also available for debugging purposes.

  • Known issues:

    • Administrators cannot change their own password using Quobis manager, the REST API needs to be used instead

  • Deprecations:

    • Quobis manager v4.4 and previous are no longer supported.