Javascript SDK release notes


Released 25th March 2022

Backward compatibility announcement

Please take into account the announcement stated here: Backward compatibility announcement for v5


New features

  • Display user’s groups participants on the contact list

  • Login integration with Keycloak, add support for new provider format

  • Add method for querying a user given an ID

  • Stop using resolver from SDK and use the user’s endpoints

  • Sippojs stack consolidation

  • Improve scaleImg function and remove avoidable dependencies used by it

  • Update to rxjs@7 and typescript@4.4

Bug Fixes

  • Remove duplicated code in tests

  • Calls are established but without media from certain browsers

Known Issues

  • Video media is lost when the audio input device is changed

  • The chat that is created from UCIOS doesn’t appear to the creator of the same on the web until he reloads the page

  • After reload the page, the phone of the created contact changes


  • Support to Oracle, Dialogic and Ericsson WebRTC SDKs has been deprecated. The only supported WebRTC stacks since v5.0 are the Quobis WebRTC stack and the standard SIPoWS ( Please note that the integration with SIP networks is fully covered through the Quobis Interconnection Broker. This enables the Quobis WAC to work as a SIP network element (SIP trunk), as individual SIP endpoints (SIP REGISTER integration) or fully integrated with an external SIP network (ParallelSIP) as described here.



Released 17th Sep 2021

New features and changes

  • Exposed new ContactsRepository and UserRepository classes to get the Contacts and the Users with his new models. The new API expose the Contacts and the Users with Observable lists to emit the updated values of the elements and his properties. The old ContactManager and UserManager are now deprecated.

  • Allow querying the active media devices


  • Use latest working XMPP stanza library

  • Allow usage of goog parameters in media constraints

  • Do not show unread notifications for our own chat messages




  • revert to using official webrtc-adapter


Released 10th June 2021


  • webrtc: add webrtc-adapter dependency (QA-2262)


Released 14th May 2021

New features and changes

  • An event speakerChanged is generated when a participant in a conference is speaking.

  • Provide “displayname” from the “From” SIP header to the Javascript SDK client

  • Listen the participants that are sharing the screen (QUOBDEV-974)




  • Event groups.leave-groups is not sent when the user has several groups and leaves only one of them


Released January 2021

New features and changes

  • Breaking change: Invitation requests are no longer available

  • Deprecation of w3c-contacts API and w3c-contacts-api capability

  • Conferences: SupportService and its methods are now integrated in the Conference class

  • Meetings implementation was completely rewritten:

    • A meeting is now completely readonly id and phone properties can not be changed.

    • Meeting.destroy was removed. You must use MeetingManager.remove instead.

    • Meeting.reinvite was removed. Method didn’t work and now has been completely removed.

    • Meeting.toJSON was removed.

    • Meeting is not an EventEmitter and the “delete” event was removed. When a meeting is deleted it will just be removed from the list. See MeetingManager.getMeetings

    • MeetingManager.message was not being used and was completely removed

    • meeting-recovered” event was removed. Use the MeetingManager.getMeetings observable to know how to obtain changes in meetings list.

  • Contacts: removed the device contacts sync with the wac functionality and his caching in local storage

  • Contacts: other changes as per the table below:

Changes in contact service

















Type change

Previously was an Enum, now it’s an Object


Type change

Previously was an Enum, now it’s an Object


Type change

Previously was an Enum, now it’s an Object


Type change

Previously was an Enum, now it’s an Object


Type change

Previously was an Enum, now it’s an Object


Type change

Previously was an Enum, now it’s an Object

Bug fixes

  • Music on hold keeps playing after recovering a holded call when the user was doing a screen-sharing session (SIPPOJS-735).

  • Audio is not muted when video is disabled and audio muted before joining a conference (SIPPOJS-716).

  • Session logout does not work when the XMPP socket is not established (SIPPOJS-712)

  • Switching connectivity technology while logged in makes the caller unable to establish new calls until the session is refreshed (SIPPOJS-658)

  • Connection with the XMPP server is lost in some specific timing conditions such as a mobile clients coming from background status (QA-1022)

  • Change entry extension on webpack conf from sippo.js to Sippojs.ts (SIPPOJS-748)

Technical improvements

  • Dynamic methods related with conference have been removed from wacproxy

  • Javascript events are raised when there is a change in the addressbook of a user