Your Quobis Collaborator has an integrated voicemail (check with your system admin if it is activated). To access to it you will have a button on top of your “Call history” tab as shown on the screenshot.


Collaborator will let you know when you do have new messages, by the side of the voicemail button, you will see a notification dot with the number of messages.


Also this counter will be shown in the “Call history” tab button in addition to the missed calls.


Inside the voicemail

Once you press the voicemail button, the call will start and you should be prompted to introduce your password. Inside the voicemail you’ll be able to navigate through new and old messages, record a new automated answer and configure the voicemail.


Keep in mind the behaviour of each voicemail will depend on your bussiness pbx, check with your system admin how to change your access password.