View layout

Legacy layout

In case your system admin have set the enviroment with legacy view, the call view with be sorted with the avatar thumbnails of each participant, if it is a videocall the videos of each participant will be set on those thumbails, having the option to “pin participant”. “Pin participant” is an action done by right-clicking on a deired thumbnail and making that participant the main view of the call regardeless of other people joining afterwards. (if the user does not pin a participant the main view will show the last participant joined).


Grid layout

The grid layout is an adaptation of the layout to the context of the call, this means that depending on the context point of the call the view will adapt to smoothen the user’s experience. Imagine a call 1to1, you will see as the main view the other participant, and your thumbnail on the top right, being able to switch between them just clicking on the thumbnail.


Now let’s think a third participant joins the call, the grid layout will adapt the view to have all the participants at the same level.


If a participant starts screensharing, the layout will be converted to legacy layout to be able to see all the participants in the thumbnails and have the screensharing as te main view.


If a participant starts the whiteboard, the layout also will be converted to legacy layout, having the whiteborad covering the whole screen.



Keep in mind that canceling an invitation before being accepted is still not implemented on this view.