Calls can be recorded on Quobis Collaborator, even the user can be offered to choose to record them or not.

In case of having this option active, before trying to establish the call a popup will show up.


How do I know if the call is being recorded?

  • As a caller (asuming the user have the option to choose) if you clicked ‘Yes’, over the call timer should appear the recording icon (ICON). In case that the user accept the recording and the icon is not being shown, please contact your system administrator.

  • As a callee the user won’t have this choice, but when the call is established the user will see as the caller the recording icon (left mobile icon, right browser icon).

../../../_images/recphone.png ../../../_images/rec.png
  • On mobile version when the user receives a call that will be recorded on top of having the icon, will show a message a shown on the screenshot when te call is established.

  • As anonymous if you recive a call, and this is going to be recorded, you will be notified, and have to accept in order to acomplish the GDPR standard contractual clauses.



Right now no matter the view layout the user is using, both legacy and grid layout show the recording icon correctly.