This is a feature that allows Sippo users to setup and schedule an online meeting with someone who does not belong to its organization and thus, does not have a Sippo collaborator account.

These external participants can join the meeting just by clicking on an invitation URL on its desktop or mobile devices. Meetings have support for multiple participants, including multi-party video conferencing [1]

Setting up the meeting

Collaborator meetings section is accessible via its icon on the bottom bar of the main screen tabMeetings. In order to create a new meeting, just click on the sippo-info-circle located at the top right of the main panel, and a form will be displayed where the following information needs to be introduced:


  • Meeting name (mandatory). This is just to identify the meeting.

  • Participants Email address, mobile phone number or user name of each of the participants. Press ENTER after add each participant. [2]

  • Date and time To be added on the ICS invitation.

Once that a meeting is created, you will see it in the meeting list.


Meeting invitations will be sent to the invited participants, either via email or via SMS:

  • The email invitation message contains an ICS file that the participant can download or open, so that he can the meeting to his personal calendar.

  • The SMS invitation is just a plain text message containing a link to the meeting site.


Note that it is not required that the invited user is a registered user of the Sippo collaborator, the e-mail contains a link that brings the user in a dedicated web space in which the registered user of the Sippo collaborator and the invited user can share information.

Joining a meeting

To join a meeting, participants just need to click on the meeting URL and they will be welcome by the lobby, where the participant will introduce, name and can upload a picture. This information is required in order to show it to the rest of participants:

  • The name is shown in the participant’s list

  • The picture is shown as user’s avatar

If the participant has a Quobis Collaborator account and is already logged, this information will be optional, then he/she will be directed straight forward to the meeting room.

If the participant does not have a camera or wants to join in audio-only mode, he can choose those options in the lobby.


Once the participant is connected to the room, it will have access to a limited multiparty conference. All the participants will be shown in a row in the upper-right

  • One of them is shown as main background. Last connected user.

  • Each participant can select which user to see in the main background just by clicking on it.

  • If a participant stops his video, his avatar is shown instead of its video stream.

  • If a participant is a Sippo user and he is logged, its own avatar and display name will be shown instead.

  • Participants joining the meeting from a desktop browser will be able to share its screen.

Check more about multiparty conferences at Multiparty conferences section.

Password protected meeting

In the case that your admin has set the meetings to have a password, this will change slightly the way the user access to the meeting.

The change is minor, as the only real difference is that, after being invited to a Password protected meeting the user will receive via email/sms the invitation with the password.

Example of a email for a Password protected meeting


Once the user access to the meeting will be promtpted to the lobby where the password can be introduced to have access.


Things to have in consideration

  • The password will be only created by the user’s system admin.

  • This kind of meetings can’t be created in the user’s app. This means, all meetings created on the user’s app will be WITHOUT password.

  • Meeting passwords will be only numbers, to be possible to access to the meeting even not belonging to the system.

  • There is no limit of atemps to introduce the password, so the user can try to introduce it as many times as needed.

Lobby by parameter

There is a new feature where you can make life easier, of whom you invite to a meeting. Once you create a meeting (also works with quick conference). Just have to add at the end of the URL ?username=name (swap name for the desired name) and then when the eternal user access to the lobby the name area will be autofilled. In order to do this the user will have to first create de meeting or quick conference and copy the URL. Let’s imaging this is the URL: Now that you do hav the URL just add the parameter at the end like this: And when Bob receives that URL and click on it will be directed to this lobby: