Making calls

One first note about WebRTC access to microphone and video camera:

A message similar to the next one should appear below the navigation bar of your browser’s window when trying to make a call on the application, if it doesn’t check if your browser has support for WebRTC.


It is important to make sure that you click Allow, otherwise the camera and microphone won’t work. Clicking on Deny button means that you do not give your consent to use your peripherals to make a call. Once you give permission, everything will be ready to make an audio or video call.


If you accidentally deny the device access, click on the red crossed microphone to reactivate and reload.

To start a call session from Sippo collaborator, there are multiple ways to do it.

  • Call from contacts

  • Call from call history

  • Call directly from dialpad

We will go in detail over them on the following sections.


You can also dial to your own extension, but the call won’t be connected.

Media management in mixed audio and video calls

Users who don’t have a camera (or have denied access to it) are still able to make and receive calls. In such situation, audio is sent from both users ends but video is sent in half-duplex mode (only from the user who has a camera to the user who has not). These are the two situations:

  • If user A (which does not have a camera or has denied access to it) receives a video call from user B, user A will receive audio and video from user B, but user B will receive only audio from user A. This behavior is fixed and cannot be changed by configuration.

  • If this same user A makes an audio call to user B, then the call will be full duplex audio but with no video at all. In such situation, once the call is setup, user B can activate its camera and then half-duplex video will be added to the call (from user B to user A).

Start calls from contacts

Go to the contacts tab tabContacts

From contacts simply choose which contact you want to call, click on it and once selected, click the phone icon for audio call or the video camera for the audio / video call. Other actions are also available from this contact submenu.

  • sippo-phone Start audio call

  • startVideoCall Start video call

  • startChat Start 1-to-1 chat session

  • sippo-info-circle Open contact details

Start calls from dialpad

Go to the dialpad tab dialpad

The dialpad can be used to dial a phone number or an extension. You can click on the numbers 0 through 9, # key and * key. It is also possible to type the number using your keyboard or to paste it into the designated area. Start the call by clicking on one of the icons at the bottom of the dialpad.

Once you are in a call, the functionality of this screen changes as it is used to send DTMF tones over the line. You can’t call other users from this section while you are in a call, you will need to used a dedicated button for this purpose. See section Adding participants to a call


Start calls from call history

Go to the call history tab tabHistory

From here, select a previous session to instantly start a call with your partner. By clicking on sippo-info-circle a new panel be displayed showing information about the call and allowing you to select to start an audio or a video session with the selected contact.


Check more about call history at Call history