Managing contacts

Accessible through the navigation bar tabContacts, the contacts area is the place where the users can search and manage their contacts. Collaborator can retrieve the contact list from different sources and store them persistently.


Keeping your contacts organized


On top of the contacts tab, just under the search the user will have diferent sections where the contacts will be placed, a section for personal contacts, another one for the general directory and a external section for shared contacts between the directory users, but this external as the name suggest may not belongs to the company.

Searching contacts on user directories

Quobis Collaborator supports different user directories integration. If enabled, you will see on the bottom of the contact area search icon. Clicking on it, you can type for a name or URI to search and press enter. A set of results will appear if match. With the result set, you can add the contact to your personal address book pressing the add contact button.

Contacts manager API

A system level API which offers a simple interface to manage user’s contacts stored primarily in the system’s address book. This way, Quobis collaborator can access contacts saved previously on the system.

Default contacts

Your Quobis Collaborator will include some default contacts, these contacts are managed by your Sippo wac administrator. These default contacts complete your address book and can not be deleted or modified.

Adding a contact

You just need to click on the sippo-plus icon, which will display a new screen on the right with three fields: “Name”, “Phone” and “Email”. To add a contact fill in the fields and click on “Save”. You can add more than one phone number or email per user that you add:


After clicking on “Save”, the contact will be available on the contact list. You can see an image for every contact saved, customized by themselves or by the system administrator.

Editing a contact

You can directly edit contact information at any given time. To do it, click on the contact, and then again on sippo-info-circle. An information panel will be displayed on the right where you can edit the username, URI, phone number, email, or other available fields. From this screen you can also call, videocall or chat with the contact with the corresponding buttons. Once the contact information is updated click the “Save” button.


Marking a contact as favourite

Do you want to highlight any specific personal contact over the others? Use the favourite option clicking the start that appears on each contact info. In this way you will be able to filter your personal contacts by favourites and make much easier to find them without having to search each individual one. Each marked contact will show by the side an start to highlight that it can be filtered by favourites and only this ones will be shown.


Example of non-filter favs


Example of favs filtered

Deleting a contact

In order to delete a contact, navigate to contact details, just as if you where to edit it. Click on the “Delete” button on the bottom left of this panel. The application will prompt you with a confirmation window. By confirming the operation, the contact will be deleted, and will no longer appear on your contact list.


What are the Usergroups

  • Usergroups are entities to which can be added users (participants), phonebooks can be assigned and is posible to call it through ringing-group.

  • To be part of a usergroup your system admin have to add you to it, and if this is the case, a group chat with be createdx associated to the usergroup.

  • Ringing-group means that each time that group is called, every single member of it will be called.

  • In the contacts tab, users should not be shown duplicate for being in an usergroup and the phonebook.