Quobis Collaborator users will be able to send and receive predefined alerts to a list of users that will be able to accept, acknowledge or reject them without even opening the app. These alerts will broadcast and shown-up as a push notification and will save time in repetitive communications with co-workers for day-to-day task, such as “Can anyone please come to the reception?

These alerts can also complement or even replace walkie-talkie communication for urgent information.


This functionality is available for iOS version only.

Main benefits

  • No need to type the same message over and over again

  • No need to open the app to interact with the alert (accept, decline, etc…)

  • Fine-grained configuration per group, department, user, etc

  • Senders get real time information about the user’s answers

How do we interact with the alerts?

On the right bottom corner of the tab you will see the alert icon in case there are pending alerts it will be highlighted by a red dot.


Example of an incoming alert shown in the alert view

In order to accept an alert, the user needs to swipe-left on top of it and click on the “Accept” button. As soon as the users accepts the alert, it will it will disappear from the list of active alerts and the sender will be notified of your acceptance:


User must left-swipe to accept an incoming alert

This is another view of the agenda list and how the recipient’s see that an alert has been accepted:


Alerts can be ignored. In case you do get an alert but at that moment you are not ready to accept it, you can ignore it and another colleague will deal with it. In case that no one accepts it, the alert will expire.


And what if I get an error?

This can happen in certain situations, like connection issues mainly and in this case just kill the app and open it again. If the errors persist contact your system admin.


Things to know about alerts

The alert templates have to be configured and set by your system admin, this means that the template can be mofified, how long it takes to the alert to expire. Also and alert can be set to retry and be sent again before it expires even the time between being resent can be set.