public enum SippoConferenceError: Error

Error throw due to conference error

  • participantAlreadyInvited: Invite already been sent to participant
  • participantNotInvitedPreviously: Cancel an invitation that not exists
  • participantNotFound: Participant not found in server
  • hasAlreadyJoinedConference: User already joined to conference
  • previewMediaNotAllowed: Preview media is not allowed due to user is not invited or already joins the conference
  • notJoinedConference: User haven´t join the conference
  • roomNotCreated: The room not exist
  • invitationNotFound: Invitation not found in server
  • noAnswerToInvite: Callee doesn’t answer the invitation
  • invitationDeclined: Callee declined the answer
  • busy: Callee is not available
  • forbidden: Not allowed
  • internalError: Server error
  • Declaration


    case busy