System requirements

Sippo collaborator is designed to run smoothly on most of the actual common devices noways. Also the web client is tested with the most common browsers, but it is required to set some boundaries.

Supported platforms

Find on the following table the current limitations and tested enviroments.



Other specific browsers, like android built-in browsers, are supported partially implementing WSS connections between peers. Limited functionality is expected.

  • In order to make audio calls, you’ll need to have a microphone installed with the appropriate device drivers.
  • In order to make video calls, you’ll need also a webcam.
  • In order to support screensharing on Chrome, you require to install a plugin that will be offered by the application.

Selecting your Sippo Application Server for application authorization


This section applies only to iOS apps

When you are using your iOS application, you must configure on the phone settings the Sippo wac that you should use. Your system administrator will give you the details to configure it.

You should find the Sippo collaborator settings into

Settings > Applications > Sippo collaborator