sippo-sdk / com.quobis.sippo.sipposdk.conference / Conference / inviteParticipant


fun inviteParticipant(participantId: String, context: Context, requestedMediaTypes: List<MediaType> = listOf(MediaType.AUDIO, MediaType.VIDEO), joinOnAnswer: Boolean = true): Unit

Invites a new participant to this conference.


participantId - Participant who is being invited (could be specified by username, phone, etc.).

context - Context used to capture local media (needed in case joinOnAnswer is enabled).

requestedMediaTypes - List of media types that the caller wants the participant to share. The participant can accept them or provide another ones when joining or updating the conference. By default, the requested media types are audio and video.

joinOnAnswer - True if the user wants to join the conference when the invitation is accepted. The media types shared by the user will be the same as the requested ones. By default, the value is true.